Yeti Rambler 30 oz. Tumbler Review

Intro to the Yeti Rambler Tumbler

YETI Rambler 30 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated...
  • Keeps your dinnertime drink cool well past sundown or your coffee nice and hot throughout the morning
  • We over-engineered these double-wall insulated tumblers with an 18/8 stainless steel body, which means your drink still keeps its temperature no matter how much of a beating this cup takes
  • They're BPA-free (obviously), have a No Sweat Design to make sure your hands stay dry, and are dishwasher-safe

The Yeti Rambler is a bit of an enigma these days. Unquestionably, this is the tumbler that set the tone that every other tumbler has since tried to emulate. It is absolutely an amazing product with a huge reputation for greatness. Yeti as a company is well-known for being among the best in the outdoor gear industry for customer service, product innovation, and creating impressive momentum behind their products.

Features of the Yeti Tumbler

At this point, there is literally only one thing holding Yeti back from being renowned as an absolutely “must have” and that is the price of their products. In this case, the Rambler tumbler is really no different. Still, though, it’s a darn good tumbler.

Made from 100% stainless steel, the double-wall vacuum insulation is very effective in keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. Ice is retained for up to 24 hours in one of these, which I think is pretty amazing. The stainless steel is of the 18/8 variety, which means that you do not have to worry about rust or puncturing– this is durable, strong, and reliable steel and probably just about the most convenient material that a tumbler could be made from. The plastic lid is BPA-free, which means that this is quite environmentally friendly. This BPA-free, shatterproof lid is also transparent, so you have the convenient advantage of being able to look into your drink and see how much is remaining. That’s a minor positive, but with these types of products, it is often the little things that one product apart from another.

Where this tumbler gains a bit of an advantage for some folks will be that it is completely dishwasher safe. Many tumblers have to wash by hand, which is not horribly time-consuming, but a lot of people do appreciate the convenience of sticking all of their dishes into the dishwasher– tumbler included!


I would never argue against the quality of a Yeti product. In the case of the Rambler, it is quite simply an amazing product. The only knock, as I mentioned, is you are paying significantly more for, more or less, a brand name and a better warranty. This tumbler is great in many ways, and as it is virtually indestructible, it is built to last a lifetime… In the end, if it is up your alley, a convincing argument could be made that purchasing a Yeti might just be worth the extra money.

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