Orca 58-Quart Cooler Review

Introduction to the Orca 58-Quart Cooler

ORCA TP0580RCORCA Cooler, Tan, 58-Quart
  • Integrated insulation for maximum Ice/cold retention and Freshness of your stowed items for up to 10 days
  • This are outdoor-kitchen-accessories
  • This is manufactured in United States

If the Yeti Tundra was getting lonely at the top, it just got some premium-quality competition. Meet the Orca, another high-end, high-priced luxury cooler.  Borrowing from the Yeti Tundra in terms of style, the Orca manages to supercede its inspiration in a few key categories, and truly give the roto-molded cooler pioneer an honest run for its money.

Top Insulation from the Survival Cooking Tests

Out of all the coolers I’ve tested, the Orca 58 Quart was the best in terms of insulation. Safe food temperatures were maintained and ice was retained longer than any other cooler that I have yet to test. 40 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended temperature for a cooler like this, and the Orca managed to retain this temperature for an entire 24 hours longer than the next best cooler on the market. This is impressive, and not only because it accomplishes the task, but because it does so while actually making really intelligent changes to the design.

This cooler is less bulky and lighter than the Yeti Tundra, and the draining system is arguably more effective and easier to use. The fact that is more portable, more effective in terms of managing temperatures, and has implemented an array of minor adjustments and improvements over its competition makes this an extremely impressive piece of equipment. It can also come in a variety of colors, and which additions like Orca Tales that add an element of fun to a heavy duty piece of camping equipment.

Sturdy Build

The build is awesome. From the frame of the cooler itself, all the way to the handles and latches, there is nothing that does not seem to be top-notch quality and extremely durable. The seal is about as strong as a cooler seal gets. The handles are well-designed to enhance what is already an impressively portable cooler.

Common Issues

Unfortunately, I found one issue that has become a fairly common complaint, which is that sometimes the lid slams shut unexpectedly when it’s been left open. In the grand scheme of things this is a very minor issue, but it is the only issue I found with this cooler, so I felt it was worth mentioning…

Our Conclusion

ORCA TP0580RCORCA Cooler, Tan, 58-Quart
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Well, the only issue other than the price, that is. But, like the Yeti, it can be argued that this incredible cooler earns every single penny that it asks for. This insulation is unprecedented in comparison to other coolers currently available on the market, and any of the minor shortcomings that exist are greatly exceeded by the value that this cooler represents.

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