Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE Review

Intro to the Coleman Portable Grill

Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill, Blue
  • Portable propane grill ideal for tailgating, picnicking, and camping
  • Delivers 20,000 BTUs of heat across 285 square inches of grilling surface
  • Swaptop interchangeable cooktops allow you to switch grill grates out for griddle and stove grates (sold separately)

There is nothing better than a great outdoor grill. As far as portable outdoor grills go, they serve a specific purpose, and, in my opinion, are even handier than a standard barbecue that isn’t portable. At this point, it is no secret that Coleman knows a thing or two about making great outdoor products, and with 285 square inches of cooking space on a grill that is perfectly simple to use and transport, this is just the type of grill that is perfect for camping or tailgating.

Features of the Coleman Grill

This grill is extremely easy to set up and take down, which add to the fact that it is relatively lightweight and easy to transport. When it comes to cooking this grill provides an excellent experience. The 20,000 BTU output is really quite high, and when you combine the fact that this is a high-quality, name brand grill that is easy and smooth to use and completely convenient to transport with the fact that the grill costs under $200 to purchase– it is safe to say that this is absolutely one of the best portable outdoor grills that you will find. The grill takes no time at all to set up, and the process of taking it down and cleaning it is extremely convenient.

This grill cooks so hot that you do not even have to close the lid– in fact, you can’t really close the lid when you’re cooking on high. In fact, unless you’re using the side griddle, I would suggest that you almost never have to cook on the “high” setting, as 20,000 BTUs is a whole lot of heat for such a small grill. I honestly do not have a bad thing to say about this grill, but it might be nice if the lid could be closed when cooking, specifically if you are someone like me and are interested in the prospect of smoking certain meats. But, other than this I have no complaints. This grill exceeded my expectations, which is saying a lot considering it is coming from the most trusted name is camping gear.


Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill, Blue
Coleman - Sports
$262.49 - $141.31

This awesome portable grill is perfect for beginners, but it is also an impressive piece of equipment for people like me, who are seasoned veterans of this type of equipment. At the end of the day, you aren’t going to find more value for your dollar than this Coleman product offers, in my opinion. This thing sets up quickly, heats up intensely, and cooks up deliciously.  What are you waiting for?

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Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE
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