Camp Chef Mountain Series 2 Burner/High Pressure Stove Review

Hybrid Grill and Stove

This product is successful in being a refreshing blend of a general patio grill and a classic camp stove. There is a lot to like about this Camp Chef High Pressure Stove, and not much to complain about at all.

Features of the Camp Chef

It’s got the classic 2-burner camp stove set up, each of which can burn up to 20,000 BTUs. I like that. This thing can get hot, fast, which is sometimes essential when you’re out and about. It’s protected with a solid set up of barrier flaps to block the wind, and the stainless steel build makes for a really solid stove. Considering this, it’s only 12 pounds.

It’s got an element of portability to it, for sure, as well as the traits that we admire about more heavy duty options. In a lot of ways, this is a rare example of a successful compromise, where the best parts of both ideas seem to stand out successfully. At 23.5 x 4.25 x 13.5 inches, t is big enough to fit two large pots, but light enough to pack around with you and not be too burdened by the whole ordeal. It’s pretty small, but it packs a lot of punch.

Loving the Ignition

I always appreciate matchless ignition, as it is just a lot more convenient and less wasteful. The dials are fully adjustable, which makes this stove also very easy to use. The design also makes it easy to understand, and it is totally an old school stove in a world with all sorts of crazy little fold up, lightweight stoves. This is just a good ol’ fashion heavy duty camping stove that happens to be conveniently portable.


A nice bonus feature is 1 -year warranty. I think that it is built well enough that you don’t need to worry about breaks or serious damage, but you never know, and the warranty at least adds a little bit of peace of mind.

Our Conclusion

This stove, to an extent, has flown under the radar. In other ways it has been widely recognized and become pretty popular as far as modern camp stoves go. To be honest, I could not find many faults with it at all. There are bigger stoves, but this holds 2 decent-sized pots. There are hotter stoves, but 20,000 on each burner is more than enough for a little camper. There are more portable stoves, but this doesn’t take up too much space. It could be better in a few ways, sure, but it sure could be worse, too.

This is a good stove; it’s not the best, but it’s a whole lot better than the worst.

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Camp Chef Mountain Series 2 Burner/High Pressure Stove
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