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What’s the Best Tactical Flashlight For The AR-15 in 2020?

In version 3 of our tests, updated for Q2 2019, we concluded that the Streamlight PolyTac LED Flashlight with MSP Offset... is the best tactical flashlight for the AR 15. With a strength of 275 lumens and a 3 hour battery life behind it, it tops our polls. We also loved the slightly cheaper Ulako Green Red White Light 300 Yards Range Flashlight... for a red light output that was capable of hitting 5 hours of continuous use – perfect for night-time hunting.

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Find The Best Tactical Flashlight For The Money In 2019

Buying the best tactical flashlight for the money is more a challenge today with the dizzying lineup of choices and options. Get ready for sticker shock. You may see products that cost far more than you expect. We’ve spent the last six weeks of Spring 2019 in getting ready for hunting season, and have put together what we think are the best tactical flashlights out there today. Let’s review the specs and features you need to investigate before making your purchase.

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